Erie County, New York State

This publication is a compilation of over 80 stone quarries, lime kilns, and stone usage in Erie County. The work includes descriptions of quarry owners, quarry locations, bedrock, and time lines of quarry operations. Focus is on the time frame of the Erie Canal, Buffalo Harbor and the extraction industry for most of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Included in the work are short accounts of the quarry industry in Buffalo and Amherst, Quarry Labor, and Early Lime Kilns (1841) in Buffalo and the surrounding Erie County towns.


Niagara County, New York State

This publication is a compilation of 37 named quarries in Lockport and Niagara County Towns. In addition, 16 under-reported quarries in Niagara County are part of the data base and are supported with as much documentation found to date. Eight + county lime kilns are detailed as well as eight Erie Canal contractors. The work includes descriptions of quarry/kiln owners, quarry locations, bedrock and time lines of quarry/kiln operations. Some early maps are represented in the work as well as web information on the quarry/kiln owners.


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